The last game you completed

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A bit unexpected but i just finished dear esther. I knew the game was going to be short, but i didn't think it would be THAT short. 4 chapters of walking through a beautiful scottish island and it took less then an hour to complete. Ok i could have commited a bit more time for achievments but meh.

Won't lie the game is pretty (vacant) and told a story that i wasn't really paying attention about. I'm sure its beautiful story being told. So... worth a buy? based on the length, probably not.


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Not really a very beautiful story, honestly. Even the island isn't so pretty - it's more of a tundra with a few dilapidated buildings. The cave was nice, though, as was the music.

I was poking my nose around some, but the walking pace makes exploration really tiresome. It took me 95 minutes to get through it.
Not really a very beautiful story, honestly. Even the island isn't so pretty - it's more of a tundra with a few dilapidated buildings. The cave was nice, though, as was the music.

I was poking my nose around some, but the walking pace makes exploration really tiresome. It took me 95 minutes to get through it.

Yeah the pace of the game makes you wish you could jump or sprint around to explore the entire island thoroughly. I agree the swept tundra is a bit boring, but i thought graphically it was nice. The cave was indeed the highlight and the lighting was nice on the final chapter. The first chapter is dull but it sort of goes upwards from there.
Jun 29, 2022
A small indie game called The Bug Butcher. It's a really unique, responsive, fun as hell Shoot 'Em Up game that deserves more attention. I played the local co-op with a buddy of mine on weekend and we had a lot of fun going through couple of stages. I highly recommend this game to anyone who's looking for some fun arcade shooter experience.
Another game crossed off the list. This time its hagane the final conflict on the snes!

First impressions was good. After playing dracula x, hagane was a breath of fresh air with its variety of (plentiful) weapons, acrobatics and hack and slash combat. The whole thing reminds me of shinobi 3.

The real highlight without a doubt was its aesthetics. The whole thing has a weird fusion of traditional japanese culture with cyber technology. Its so good that i barely noticed how graphically it was (it doesn't utilize mode7 apart from one section).

Unfortunately its biggest problem is the platforming. Your protagonist can't jump forward very far and being a metal cyber ninja thing presumably you're pretty heavy. But seriously its a massive issue as even the most simple of jumps is difficult as our hero plummets like a rock. The last 2 levels where you're under a timer is just made harder by crap jumping controls. With some minor tweaking the game could have been truly excellent, instead it sits as a frustrating experience at worst and a guilty pleasure at best.
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Feb 9, 2022
Idk if that can be taken universally as "completed" but to me since I started playing League of Legends it was always my goal to get to Diamond level, which I did and felt pretty awesome. If you are familiar with the game, my promo to Diamond was first two games losses and last three wins...... yep that dramatic was that promo :LOL::)
I suppose i'll add it here. i played press any button. The gameplay is simple enough, but really its just a platform to tell a touching story and conversartion. It starts off as simple reflex test, eventually the software AI (A Eye) starts to talk to the player. In the short time you have together it tries to make a better game and try and understand the humanity/emotions and try to get to grips with events revolving around the scientist who's conducting the experiments.

its not long, maybe an hour and i got it for free (which is probably why it got very positive reviews) . would i recommend getting it? probably not but if you get the chance to try it its recommended.
Another casual game to add to the completed list: Doughnuts and justice. A side scrolling arcade shoot-em-up as you dispense justice across 5 stages and eat doughnuts along the way. its your typical fare i wouldn't say you're missing out on much if you ignored it. There are issues with slightly ropey collision detection (stage 4 with laser rifles got irritating) and the game sort of loses steam by the end. The last stage is just the final boss and the bosses in this game are easiest part of it.

after beating the game you could try boss rush mode and unlock hats that give you stats and abilities. again, nothing spectacular.
Adding this one to the list. This time its Stacked by doublefine. Its interesting on an artistic level but besides that its fairly simple/easy puzzle game. Thank god. Now, if you just to beat the game and not bother with finding multiple solutions, you'll blast through this game in a single evening. Most of the solutions are easy peasy but there are solutions that are quite cryptic or require some creativity.

besides finding solutions to all the puzzles, collecting/stacking into all the unique dolls and hi jinks challenges, there is DLC as well. Again nothing too difficult, it has multiple solutions to a problem and you even have hobo shamans to give you hints if you can't be bothered with the ingame one. The stand out thing about the DLC was getting round the ghouls and resorting into trapping childen in cages to be used as live bait for ghouls. Failing that throwing stinky cheese at them.

One thing i should note about the game is that the frame rate is locked at 30fps. I'm not entirely sure whether this was a technical issue or an artistic one as its suppose to resemble old timey projection movies that didn't run at 60fps. Not sure if thats annoying or acceptable.

So should you get it? Well, for a super dirt cheap price, maybe but its not long enough to deserve full price.


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is done! Well, the first round through it, anyway. I haven't done Yuffie's "intermission" or tried any chapters on hard mode yet. The game took extra long when I got the Universal Unreal Unlocker that let me unlock the camera and take more screenshots. I recorded a record number of cutscenes and battles, too. Visually, this game was incredible. The music was very well done, too.

Anyway, I'll put a review over in the topic for the game.
i have completed a couple of games.For now i'll mention just the one. The minecraft-esque roguelike Eldritch. Its procedurally generated but merifully not too hard. Best option is to take it slow and if you get the right upgrades and abilities the game is a cake wake on the first try.

Would i recommend it? meh, you won't be missing out on much. The whole thing is a bit rinse and repeat in the gameplay department, but i can see effort went into it and for some reason i found the game weirdly compelling that i wanted to finish it off.
May 11, 2022
I usually beat every game I start except those who aren't meant to be "beat" like multiplayer games, racing games and such.

The last game I completed is The Long Dark's story mode.....until a new episode comes out.

The ones I gave up on (I swear I'll beat them eventually, it eats at me. Doesn't help I usually play everything on hard difficulty if there is one)

- Resident Evil 1 on my original PS1. Got pretty dang far, pretty sure I backed myself into an unwinnable state. It's been a couple years.

- SWAT 4 if I could just accept an unperfect score I could play past Old Granite Hotel and not hate myself. Been 3 years.

- Off-Road the Baja on my SNES. I started it, I'll finish it but these CONTROLS ARE BAD. Been a couple years.

- Company of Heroes 1. Mortain Counterattack broke me. Remember Matt Damon in Pvt Ryan sitting down crying his heart out in the chaos? Been about a year.

- Crash Bandicoot 2 on PS1 : There is one back breaking level where your running towards the camera. I have 90% of that game in the bag, this last stretch is so hard.

- Hidden and Dangerous 2 : I usually play this one for a while and put it aside. It's so brutal. I don't even remember what mission I was at last time. It starts in a ruined town. LAst time I played was 2020 I think.
May 11, 2022
Oh yeah I'm giving up on Descent. No shame with that one. I started on Ace made it to level 12 and the hit scan enemies are just so insane I might start over a difficulty lower but the palate cleansing is taking a WHILE. I have no desire to play any more of that game for now.
Another game to cross off the list. This time its the return of the obra dinn. Play paranormal insurance investigator and find out what happened to the crew of the ship.

Won't lie, how the lucas pope did a damn fine job with the game. It grabs your attention almost immediately and keeps your attention all throughout. I won't spoil it, but the best way to describe my feelings in the first hour was this:

"hmm what happened here. Serious violence! Time to don my detective cap."

"damn things went south! what happened? we'll know more if we progress on... Oh look, there's a body here in bed..."

"Damn! What the hell is THAT?! God damn!"

*finds other body*


I think the way how it makes it so shocking and powerful is actually being there to witness it in person. Even as an outsider its no less shocking.

So no surprises, i found the game bloody awesome and well deserved the praise. There are criticisms. mainly identifying most of the crew is tough and boiled down to mostly trial and error randomly/systematically picking answers until i got it right.

For example take the 4 Chinese topmen. how do i know the name of man that got electrocuted? i know, i'll guess all of them as having died from electrocution and wait for the game to confirm. Rinse and repeat.

Sometimes you have one clue to go on, maybe a voice, maybe how they refer to other people, their clothes and who they generally hang around with. For example, the Russians would hang around with other Russians or the Indian crew sleep in hammocks close to each other. That said, the clues are there for a large portion of them, but its not always clear.

But that said, despite that flaw the experience was brilliant. I whole heartedly recommend playing it.
Thanks for that write-up, it's been on my wishlist forever in a sort of 'I wonder' limbo. You've just made it 'go for it' :)

Glad to hear it. As is always my recommendation: get it on a sale. The game took me 9.1 hours and a third of that was me just scratching my head systematically identifying all the crew. But the tale of misfortune is pretty engrossing. Your mileage will depend on your patience, observation and lateral thinking skills to identify people. hell, for uniforms its as simple as wearing certain hats, the buttons on the coats, the type of coat (long, short, tailed etc) etc. But my advise is to go through the entire story provided to unlock the entire story and hopefully more clues to solve previous events if you get stuck identifying people. Thankfully as more and more people are crossed off the list, the easier it becomes.
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Jan 16, 2020
I usually don't get to finish games much anymore, for one reason or another. But I picked up Days Gone on sale and it really hooked me in. The idea of bombing around the pacific northwest of the USA on a motorcycle in a zombie world felt fresh. The world felt alive and "used". The environmental artists did a really fantastic job. I was actually sad when it was over and disappointed to learn the sequel got cancelled.
Jul 24, 2022
What was the last game that you completed, and how would you rate it?

Completing games is not something I do often. The most recent game I completed was Halo Reach for the MCC on PC. I had originally played it on 360, but I barely remembered the campaign so it was great to get back in it. I haven't played much of the multiplayer, but I'd give the campaign 8/10 (nostalgia could play a big part)
Call of duty WW2.. I can say at least I enjoyed clearing out those Nazis. It felt awesome liberating france along side its allies.
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Add another indie game to the list. This time its Deadbolt - a 2d stealthy/hotline miami mashup. You play as a reaper who cleans up the criminal (undead) underworld on behalf of his mysterious employer; the candles.

What starts off as simply killing zombie gangbangers quickly escalates when a mysterious drug called ash appears on the scene. Things spiral out of control and soon you're sent to clean house destroying drug stashes, cleansing hideout/strongholds and good old espionage to uncover info on your next lead for the truth. Players will be pitted against the vampire mobsters of the 1000 yr royals, the highly trained dredged (skeletons with a passion for military weapons) and even the (yakuza-eque) demons who for some reason have gone behind their demonic leader to do a job on the side for the dredged....

Needlessly to say i'm a big fan of the lore. What tidbits of it lore is great and its filled with sadness and irony.

Gameplay wise its standard fare but its well done and very playable as you can take a stealthy approach hiding in the shadows and using melee weapons for the job or you could go in guns blazing and hope for the best. Knowing when to employ sneaky tactics and when to go all out will serve you well.

There's some pretty varied gameplay, enemy types and you get tasked a variety of jobs and scenarios. Sure you might be tasked to investigate a nightclub, but soon you realize its an ambush and the 1000yr royals have sent their vampire wetwork squad to take you out. Another you're tasked to kill the dredge's chief engineer and discover what they're building. The only problem is that the paranoid nutjob has bobby trapped his entire home and you have to navigate through it all to get to him....

Another highlight is the soundtrack, the guy who did the risk of rain OST also did deadbolts and its a varied mix. Highlight being the rock music when you fight the devils.

I do have a few niggles with the game, its not 100% perfect gameplay wise the main one being over lapping item hell. Want to escape in a vent but instead of getting in, you pick up a weapon and its too late. Secondly, collecting tapes is a chore as enemies give you a chance to drop tapes. So it might take multi plays to get the tape finally. thirdly, don't bother trying to buy all the weapons; you don't have enough souls to buy every item. To be fair, you don't need to, but make a wrong move and you might be in trouble. and makes your life that bit harder.

The game didn't take me too long to beat, just clocking in 6 hours but i didn't collect all the goodies didn't bother to 5 star all the maps or unlock all the achievements. Whether you want to play the game again on hardmode to unlock the final hidden tape is up to you. But to its credit, there are mod tools and custom maps to play so if you need more deadbolt, you can have it.

So would i recommend it? For the price i got it for i say it was worth it.


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I haven't done Yuffie's "intermission" ...
Finished Yuffie's DLC. It's OK, but definitely not as good as the main game. There's only a couple of chapters and there isn't all that much to them, story-wise. Yuffie changes up the battle system, though, which makes it all worth playing. The Fort Condor mini-game is actually pretty good, too.


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