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3D Vision showed up about 10 years ago and allowed folks with special monitors and stereoscopic glasses to play games in 3D. It also had a not-well-documented feature that let you take screenshots of those games. Push a key combo and a side-by-side jpg with extension JPS would be saved. A quick registry key change would change them to png files (PNS).

My question is - can those images be viewed in VR yet? Seems like it should be possible to make a program that picks out a rectangle and fills it with the right eye's image on the right eye's screen and the left on the left's. Set the screen size/distance to the right spot (matching the player's original apparent screen size) and it should look just like a 3D Vision monitor showing the 3D image.
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Jan 17, 2020
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There are a few options out there, but as I have not tested them myself, I cannot say how well they work.
Here is an article that may have better information for you
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Nah - those are big on surround but it looks like they are 2D. This would have to be floating in front of you like any other old screenshot but it would actually have depth.

I use to have software that supported, among other things, viewing these pictures in VR, but unfortunately it was subscription-based, and they have since gone out of business. I had to switch to VorpX which does WAY less (and I don't think does the 3D images, at least that I'm aware of.) I realize this doesn't help you any, but just know that it's possible. Maybe someone out there has cracked said software so that it doesn't need the subscription, not that I'd endorse such an approach, per se. (I can't recall the name of the software off-hand. I want to say it was called Tri-VR, but don't quote me on that.)
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