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  1. Zloth

    Funny Screenshots and short videos

    Screenshots and videos aren't just pretty. Let's see some silly ones! Feel free to share videos of <3 minutes in length. We want to keep them short and funny. Provide video length info and use something like YouTube so that you don't just post a link (this is so we can avoid spammers), but...
  2. Zloth

    Question Stereoscopic Screenshots & VR

    3D Vision showed up about 10 years ago and allowed folks with special monitors and stereoscopic glasses to play games in 3D. It also had a not-well-documented feature that let you take screenshots of those games. Push a key combo and a side-by-side jpg with extension JPS would be saved. A...
  3. IndecentLouie

    Gaming Glitches Screenshots

    A recent post had me looking through my Screenshots and I found two glitches I had saved, out of curiousity have you any glitches caught red handed in a screenshot? Skyrim If Skyrim is known for anything it's for it's glitch free gameplay, I feel lucky to have snapped a very rare occurrence...
  4. Zloth

    Blue Screens of Death in Gaming

    Game devs have had a lot of fun with Blue Screens of Death over the years. I've collected a few and I wonder if others have more. Talos Principle had a rather surreal Blue Screen Final Fantasy X... yep Borderlands 2 had one that was hard to read but it's definitely got attitude Continued...