Steam Replay 2022

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Jan 8, 2023
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It took me far too long to figure out how to post an image 😥
It is tough to reflect a lot of variety when making a summary like this. Especially with an idler :LOL: Surprised by FFXIV and Lost Ark, though it could make sense, I did jump on that bandwagon for most of February.



how to post an image
Welcome to the forum :)

In addition to Zloth's recommendation, some of us use—I find it the simplest with its forum link maker in the hamburger menu.

reflect a lot of variety
Those stats are nuts! I think you've topped us all on every count :D

What have you been playing on?
Far Cry 6 via Ubi—it's not on Steam, and the Ubi launch isn't terrible anymore… just click the icon and forget, eventually it drops into main menu. Ideal to launch before going away for a long weekend :D

Also a HO game via BigFish, and my trusty local solitaire game Pohtzee.

I did a brief dip into Origin to continue a C&C Generals game, but lost interest quickly—I really want that remastered! Tried sth in GOG too, can't remember what, and a similarly brief Epic detour into AC Origins.


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