Steam Autumn Sale...See any great deals? Buying anything?

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Since this thread has become the "great deals" thread, this Humble bundle has some very highly rated games and works out to about 90 percent off
Agreed again. So stop pickin' on us!

ITAD alerted me to Black Mesa going for $4 on Steam, so I figure about time I picked it up.
I was just thinking about giving that a try myself. As an FYI, there are console commands. You probably won't need them, but I might. My favorite is the one that never lets you drop below 1 health. :ROFLMAO: Hey, it's good to know just in case.


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Bought a few games as usual. I planned on limiting my purchases, because I have so many games that it'll be enough for my lifetime, but just can resist on buying more. ;)

I bought these:

Terminator: Resistance with DLC (the game was made by the studio that's behind the latest RoboCop game and it's very good from what I've heard),
Loop Hero,
Max Payne 1, 2 and 3 (back to the past, I haven't played Max Payne 1 for 15 years or so),
Avadon Trilogy Bundle (I had the first game, so I completed the collection with two other).

And that's it. I was also considering Avernum Trilogy Bundle, but it has a higher price than in the past, so maybe it'll get better at Winter Sale or some smaller sale in the future. I also had a taste for Road 96, but unfortunately I reached my spending limit for this sale. :)