Shadow for gaming/dayz on my Del?

This may not be a hardware question…. I want to run dayz on my del….. Is shadow a good way to do that? I have been running dayz on consol for so long but pc is just so much better (even with only running like 2fps😂😂😭😭)

this is SUPER frustrating and I’m not a happy girl about it haha PLEASE HELP!!
Is shadow a good way to do that?
Are you talking about Nvidia's ShadowPlay? That's for recording play, not for running games.

only running like 2fps
If you're getting low performance, then turn off ShadowPlay and any other stuff you have running with the game—eg Steam overlay, chat app, etc.

We need the answer to COLGeek's question before we can make any more guesses—our crystal balls here are last gen :(
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