Searching for the old games I used to play but can't remember the names

Feb 4, 2024
Hi, new here. I've been looking for the old games that can be played with Windows 7. Here's what I remember of the game, which I hope to rediscover first:

>offline pc game app
>puzzles (it is less likely to have hidden items, cuz I remember each scene is not messy like the typical hidden items games),
>can be played with windows 7;

setting: medieval, daytime, sleeping beauty;

Story: A wandering man encountered an old house overlooking a kingdom from a hill, and living in it was an old man who seeks his help to undo the curse on a kingdom, which was casted many years ago. The curse put everyone in the kingdom to sleep, the elder managed to escape before he got affected by the curse. the man help wake the affected people of the kingdom, one by one, by solving puzzles, and the royal family were the last to be freed from the curse. the man helped the elder concoct a potion to help the elder become a young man and reunite him with his beloved princess. the game ended with an happy ending, the wedding between the healer and the princess.

Characters/NPCs that I remember:
>Wandering Man (the player)
>The old man (can't remember if he's a doctor, healer, or wizard, but my intuition says its either of the first two)
>The cook
>The tailor/seamstress
>Palace/royal guards
>The royal family (king, queen, and princess)

Similar games:
>Mystery legends (though less dark and gloomy)
>Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose
>Awakening game series
>Grim Legends

I'll update this post if I remember more of it
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