Safe to Delete Nvidia folder?


This folder is 6.5gb... can I get rid of this stuff or not?
I ask because it seems people just don't all agree from what I've read online - and I don't want to mess it up?

C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService

Just looks like old drivers downloads and their unpacked folders?

Are there any other folders related to steam/nvidia, gaming stuff where i can free up some gb's?


Thank you for your help

you can delete entire Nvidia folder, its not needed after drivers are installed

You can take the WHOLE NVIDIA folder and trash it. When you download the drivers, they came in on an EXE - these are most likely still in your Downloads folder as well. When you run the EXE, it unpacks them into the NVIDIA folder under EACH version you ever run. Then when you install them, it copies the files it needs to other locations for the card / OS to operate. So, the EXE and the FOLDER are only needed if you are planning to reinstall that driver / services again.
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