How to diagnose graphics blackout

Apr 2, 2020
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I need help finding out how to diagnose aproblem.

I've just upgraded to an M2 HDDfor the C Drive and I'm having an interesting issue with the graphics disappearing.

My setup in the sig below, I haven't added or changed anything performance related for the graphics, just the M2 SSD. I had to hoik the GPU out to get to the slot and then screw the M2 down, but I'm sure that I isolated the case and grounded myself against the case with the PSU off and the cable attached, I haven't had any other strange electrical issues, so I don't think I've frazzled anything on the mobo.

Since I started going back to ACC, I've had the screen black out for 2 or 3 seconds, which inevitably leads to crashes on the track. It has also become noticable on the desktop, where less frequently the same thing happens.

I do have the PC connected to a JVC 4k TV as a monitor via HDMI. If they were the problem, it would have appeared in the last year since I built the PC. This issue appeared yesterday, just after I added the M2 drive.
I have added the M2 drive in the SSD slot next to the GPU, and have had to review which SATA ports the SATA HDDs can use, as the M2 drive has deactivated some SATA ports.

I have heard someone say that the M2 ports on the B450 board halve their speed, from 16X to 8X. Not sure that this would cause blackouts, but don't know.

I've tried lowering the graphics values in the game, but the desktop blackouts have nothing to do with that, Windows doesn't have draw distances, HDR Bloom or antialiasing...

How should I approach this, given that I don't have any alternative hardware to swap out to isolate components.



Decided to update nvidia drivers.
Now no gfx at all, even when I remove the card and connect the HDMI cable to the mobo...

Tried changing boot device to backup C drive. Can't see the POST...

Removed GFX card and left it for a couple of hours to watch the GP. Reinstalled it and could boot into safe mode.
Couldn't roll back the driver. Restarted in normal mode. Can't see the Post, GFX blackout.
Seems like the GFX card has died.
Can't move it to the other GFX slot because of the case design.
Will try to move the M2 drive to see if that helps.
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