Razer Blade 15 base model

Jul 5, 2020
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I have had my Razer Blade 15 for a couple of weeks now. It is the base model running with the i7 10th generation, Nvidia rtx 2070 max q, and 16 gb ram. It comes with 512 gb m.2 nvme ssd with a extra m.2 slot, which I filled up with a 1 tb nvme ssd. While I may be a little biased, givin that I have been using Razer products for over 10 years and I admit I'm a little bit of a fan boy, I will admit this is a great laptop with a couple of issues both with the system and personal preferences.

First the issues. The 4k screen, while it does look amazing and playing games in 4k is a trip, it does impact the overall performance of the games. It also playes into another issue that when gaming in 4k, this sucker gets HOT. Particularly on the keyboard and palm rests. It gets to a point where I consider seeing if I can cook up some eggs on it. The positive note is that according my my msi afterburner overlay, the cpu and gpu have never gone above 91c, so you will be cooking your hands instead of your laptop internals. Because of this I go into settings and drop my resolution down to 1920x1080, which does make a difference in both the heat generation and game performance.

The other real gripe I have, which is more of a personal preference, but have heard others bring up the same issue, is the keyboard. I miss having the number pad on the side so I have to get used to not having that and the position of the track pad has interfered with my typing. I use my right thumb to hit the space key and always accidently click the pad with my thumb.

One more issue I have had, but it may be just a fault with the hardware is my wifi disconnects itself alot. I have a workaround with a USB wifi adapter with fixs that issue. But is may be a random fault.

Aside from those gripes, I haven't had a issue playing any of my games. The most demanding so far have been Destiny 2 and Elite Dangerous. And at 4k they both run 55-70 fps and at 1920x1080 run 95-110 fps at max settings. I plan on putting CoD on there eventually and I'll try to remember to update this when I do.


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