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PC ram slots look better now

took 3 years to get colours I like on 2 sticks, now I might need to change them since I have a bigger canvas

just ignore fact the cable running from AIO pump to radiator is stopping the top fan from spinning... it looks good, right? Yeah, I fixed that once I noticed.

seems adding 2 more ram sticks randomly turned the RGB off on my motherboard. I don't get that bit.
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I fixed it by installing the rgb software for my motherboard - it takes control of ram so it can't stay on PC without overriding Icue - but it turned the two strips back on. I have removed it again now, and restarted PC and Icue now runs ram rgb again.
Me being backwards... watch videos comparing new CPU to old... after I bought it.

first one I watch says its not worth it

second a bit more indepth and perhaps shows why 1st had its result.

It seems the CPU really only makes a dramatic difference if you have a good GPU. If you pair it with a lower power GPU it won't help as much, and make them look more even. Given my GPU is better than the best they tested it with, I am not concerned

I won't find any videos of people with my CPU & my GPU but this is as close as I can get and he gained 40 frames in most games. I am likely to get more, as he went from a 5600 to 5800x3d, I am one family behind that.

think performance difference between 3600 and 5600 is about 17%, the difference between 3600 and 5800x3 is 45%

that is at 1080p though... why use that combo at 1080p? gamers need to move on... I was using 1080p 15 years ago. 1440p the new CPU is still better. The two CPU are really close at 4k but then I don't plan on using 4k

soon - https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/XvH4dH
my current CPU on sale on Amazon - 1106
new one only worth 456... is this an upgrade?
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Apple forced to use USB C on phones... how do we force people to buy cables now?

The usb cable that comes with the phone is only USB 2. The only attachment they sell that has USB 3 is thunderbolt cable for $40... profit.

Shame right now any USB cable works with their phones but I know they will be trying to break that.

When people can now repair their own phones - to a point
And use their own cables...

How is Apple going to make money now?

Innovate? They forgotten how... Steve died, they just make money now, not new things.

they could buy Disney, I am sure that would work well for them... buy a sinking ship.
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in todays... lets review something that doesn't exist: The Powercolor Hellhound Spectral White RX 7900 XT

Lets review a Hellhound Spectral White 7900XT and fill half the video up with video of the stock AMD Reference card, and the rest is a Hellhound 7900 XT but not a white one...

And its not new, its been out 9 months now.

I don't think they have the card, I think they just stole video from other places for clicks

They didn't have the card because they mixed up more than I thought... the Spectral White Hellhound is an XTX. They mixed up 2 different cards completely.

There is no Hellhound Spectral White 7900XT... hence they couldn't have video or even pictures of it. And why their review kept calling it an XTX

Only white 7900 is the XTX (I might have looked at it otherwise)
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