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that is amd's frame generation, right ?
Yes. FSR 3 also includes a few other features apart from it.

TPU have it same as 6900XT in raster and a little further ahead in RT while being way more efficient. On the Nvidia side a bit ahead of a 4070 and a bit behind 3090 raster, and a little behind a 3080 in RT.

Wasnt expecting anything that exciting but this might be my next card, seems solid considering how expensive the market is. Cheaper model from my local store is about 100 Euros less than a cheap 4070, I'll take 4GB more VRAM with a 10% hit on RT frames for that discount.

I hate that GN doesnt have an average relative performance chart, dont want to listen to 30 minutes of waffle I just want to see your data and test setup.
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i don't like Hellhound... mainly as its only got 2 RGB colors, unlike the Red Devil that has argb and can be almost any color.... its main reason I bought one over other really.

but anyway. Yes, 7800 XT looks pretty good... if it had been released 9 months ago I might have bought it too... it was what I originally wanted long ago.

4070 price may drop, we shall see. 7800 XT is pretty close in a lot of RT games as well, its not all one way all the time.

complaint: Why didn't powercolor release a limited edition 7900xt when the 7800 xt got one, and the XTX did as well... I might like the add on backplate... Oh well, as it stands you can't get my model at all in Australia so I guess that makes it a limited edition :)

I don't like how he sped through all the game benchmarks in that video, most of the time the comparisons are way slower


Its 50 to 100 less than the other 4-5 cards available here on release and dead quiet as well. My case doesnt even have a window and even when it did it was facing the wall away from me :D

I have the Red Devil 5700XT because of the quiet cooler and price at the time I got it, but even if the 7800XT version is better but another 50 more than Hellhound its not worth it right now for me.

Still I'll wait, Baldurs Gate 3 is performing just fine on my current stuff, and theres a chance of price war like you say.
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There is no chart like that for the 7900XT as the entire industry decided that card wasn't good enough and ignored it.... so techpowerup only reviewed 2 cards coolers and neither are Powercolor - https://www.techpowerup.com/review/sapphire-radeon-rx-7900-xt-pulse/36.html

I would expect the cooler on Red Devil to be the same if not better than Hellhound... its hard to say, it is the slightly faster card but they both have same amount of fans.

Hellhound - https://www.powercolor.com/product?id=1689752075#spe
Red Devil - https://www.powercolor.com/product?id=1689237993#spe

Its not as chunky as my card
Hellhound 7800XT dimensions - 322mm*134mm*50mm
Red Devil 7800xt dimensions - 332mm*135mm*52mm
Red Devil 7900xt dimensions - 338mm*135mm*73mm

Pretty long cards, all have same width, but thickness varies

They must have a nice system if they can get 36c at idle with no fan running. I generally run afterburner and have it set to a minimum speed so GPU is generally on 40c. I probably need to clean my intake fans... though AIO temps are pretty much the same as always. And its the intake.
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I expect with the amount of cards they go through it will be on an open test bed in a temperature controlled room/lab, they have a tab in the review showing their test setup and how they test. Shouldnt expect to get those temps in a case in Aussie summer :). Its the performance relative to other coolers on their set up thats important, actual temperature ymmv obvs.

The Hellhound is a 3 fan cooler, might even have the same heatsink theyll use on the Red Devil without the styling and ARGB going by the measurments you gave, who knows. Easy to keep an eye on it and look for user reviews and ones from other sites to make sure there's no sneaky business at play.
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There is only 2 mm difference between the two card thickness so likely are the same.
It is spring here and only just so Max of 12c tomorrow. I have had the pc for 3 years now and have yet to have an actual summer so maybe this year. I haven't missed them.
Lowest temp I seen on Gpu is in the low 20s at start on cold mornings. Mine only stops at 40c as I figured that was low enough, I had it down to 33 before but really Gpu doesn't care about staying cool. It just helps cool my nvme
If I don't run fans it slowly creeps up to about 44 during a day, depending if I play a game or not.
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I dont actively monitor mine that much anymore since I balanced all my case and GPU fan curves for summer, NVME is at 34C and GPU idling at 43 currently in 23.8 C room.

Old Intel quad core CPU's used to actually idle, the two Ryzens I've had dont seem to drop below 40 and spend most of the time in the 50's for some reason. Never get too hot under load though.
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i set up hwinfo to monitor my CPU years ago, adding the GPU was just an extra. The temps show in my taskbar (link). I also see my hdd health in there too but thats from HD Sentinal
I updated HWINFO earlier as I noticed from a video that the newer versions now show GPU power usage as well... not that I monitor that but its nice to have more info.

I like to know my temps, Ryzen hotter than my last Intel CPU and until I knew to not track the package temp, it was constantly moving target for temps.

Need to look at what average temps will be with a 5800X3D compared to what I have, to adjust AIO fan curve accordingly... looks at your CPU model... hmm, my average idle is about 10c below yours, I seem to be on about 38 to 40c now. Lowest I ever seen was 32 but that was me trying to get a low temp, its not normal. Fans generally don't run at max speed.

Not sure what temp is in my room, PC only been on about 20 minutes. So if that CPU runs warmer, I will need to adjust curve.
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So this is why Can You Run It is a scam website

On the left is Adrenalin, it shows drivers dated 24th August and yet, on right, they one month old... time travel? Driver date is wrong as they didn't release them until this week, but its still not over 1 months out of date. 23.9.1 = Year, month, version - they are the newest drivers right now. Released one day after the new cards, to introduce Hyper RX


I said it before, click here for the latest drivers just links to a download site for Driver Booster 9. Software more likely to break PC than fix it. I hate companies that prey on people that don't know any better...
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That doesn't link to another website to download software you don't need... so it seems okay. I have used it before. Not sure how good their FPS counter is though.

hmm, I question if the 2080 is best choice right now - https://www.pcgamebenchmark.com/compare-graphics-cards

Really, the 3800X is best CPU for gaming? https://www.pcgamebenchmark.com/compare-processors

something feels off.

Here is a list of 96,238 PC games in the PCGameBenchmark database that will run on your computer.
IS that all?
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He complains about rgb choices on Hellhound, but guesses why it is how it is, to create a difference between it & Red Devil. More than two colours would be nice though. Its one of reasons I got the Red Devil.

they could both have argb but differentiate it by having more than one zone on Red Devil. I would have loved making different areas of card a different colour.
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TIL Fake RGB Ram sticks exist. They just to fill in the gap - say you have 2 sticks and 4 slots

They don't include any memory.

I didn't want them when I didn't know it existed lol

they not that expensive... orders a set.

I can see them being sold to people who don't realise they don't include any ram. Although the corsair ones do say No DRAM on back, and the number of traces on the connector is way less than normal ram.

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I ordered some, I will never see the middle of it until I remove my AIO as its cables run infront of the ram. It will stop me seeing the gap between my two sticks though.

All of my rgb light patterns I have set up in the last 3 years have different colours in the centre of the ram, mostly to match the colours on the AIO fans. Majority of fans in case aren't rgb (unless I count my GPU but I can't see the lights on its fans really, it just illuminates the top of my PSU shroud if at all - depends on what color the rgb on GPU is)

A Fake PC would only work if you also have a real one to actually do the work. The fake memory sticks just fill slots that aren't being used by real memory sticks. PC won't start with just fakes. You still need actual ram in PC... I have 32gb but buying more ram just for rgb makes less sense than just buying this.
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