Replaced the PSU on my pre-built. See below for the nightmare.

Jul 16, 2023
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Late March it started acting weird.
Random crashes. Random shutdown and restart.
Had the tower plugged into an big, old battery bank thing.
Computer Management Errors:
Event ID 1796 - Secure Boot update failed. Not enabled. Fixed but only OFF b/c BIOS update.
Event 41 - When it froze/crash I had to shut it down.

*I can't find it now but one listed "power" as the error and after a few hours with some help, narrowed it down to what it could be.
During severe weather (storms/rain/wind) we can get power outtages. I think there was a surge and/or outage which damaged the battery BU and in part the PSU.

The PSU in the pre-built is an Apevia 800W Prestige Power PSU. No one I've spoken to or emailed about this PSU has EVER heard of that brand.
I replaced it with a Corsair RM1000x and one of the next upgrades is the GPU.
I've had no problems or crashes since replacing the PSU.
If anyone reading this plans on getting one, IMO, find out what PSU it has and if WTH....replace it.
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It could be worse, could be Diablotek.

Shame people only learn that it helps to have a good quality PSU after its done something. I am no better, it took me years. I think once one goes Bang on you, you start to take notice.

Shouldn't have any problems with the corsair... I have that one myself.

Depends who made the prebuilt as to whether its going to have a good PSU in it or not. At least its way better now than it was 20+ years ago when PSU came as part of the price of the case. They had even less thought given to them. It did help that every part back then didn't have the power requirements a 14900K has now, so the bad quality PSU only killed hdd, and didn't burn the system down.

PSU is one of the first things I pick when making a PC... CPU isn't even in top 3. Although I already know what I want CPU wise in next build... 9800X3D.,.. just need the CPU to actually exist now. But generally I don't pick things in that order. I already have the PSU for that build as I intend to just swap parts in current PC to get that CPU in it - just need to replace CPU, Motherboard, Ram & possibly AIO.

event 41 simply means the PC restarted and windows doesn't know why. its not always a Power problem, people can jump to that conclusion.There are other reasons for unexpected restarts. Drivers can crash, causing BSOD and you will get an event 41(63) after that. Sometimes fast startup can make windows think it restarted unexpectedly when it actually didn't.
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