Quiz: Name that movie

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That is correct. It is one of the best dark thriller movies I have seen in a long time. Superb acting, brilliant story, and scenes that will make the hair on your neck "stand out" or your stomach churn. This is the type of movie that would be impossible to remake because nothing would come even close to this masterpiece. So, drag it out of your watchlist @IndecentLouie and watch it asap! I am confident that you will find it to be excellent.
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It isn't, it isn't a comedy but is a horror and pretty much spent in one house such as The Babysitter!
I haven't seen the second one yet but always happy to see more of Samara Weaving, I think she's wonderful.
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The movie is called: The Road (2009). It is a post-apocalyptic movie with Viggo Mortensen as one of the main protagonists. Well made with some excellent cinematography, a solid story, and top-notch acting all the way to the end.

Since I posted recently, it is up for grabs.
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@Frindis I believe it is a female lead. Bruce Campbell has stated in the past that he feels too old to return as Ash (obviously he's joking)
It would still be wonderful if he is in it in some way.

"The deadites return, this time with a female heroine in an urban setting as the Necronomicon unleashes it's terror on a sky rise building in the city. The heroine will be focused on trying to save her family while navigating the dead-infested skyscraper. "
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"The deadites return, this time with the female heroine Milla Jovovich in an urban setting as the Necronomicon unleashes its terror on a sky rise building in the city." :sick:

The series is ALL Bruce Campbell, it was basically molded around his personality. Even the deadites believe so. I was ok with the reboot of Evil Dead, because it did not interfere with the series, it basically did its own spin on things.
Jan 22, 2020
Bruce's absence is a little worrying, but I'll remain cautiously optimistic for now. Milla Jovovich has some experience slaying the undead, I can see the potential for some fun tongue-in-cheek references there.

I'm having issues with image posting again unfortunately, maybe someone else can take my turn.
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Luckily Milla J and her husband are staying far away from the series, I agree Bruce Campbell is one of the aspects that made the films and show as good as they were, him being a sort of shadow producer on the remake also helped.
Like @Mazer I too am cautiously optimistic, nothing will ever live up to Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness but if done right Evil Dead Rise could be a damn fun movie!

If anyone is interested I watched the making of Evil Dead 2 a few months ago and again recently.
Here's a link Swallowed Souls
Oh man, I watched this movie for the first time about a week ago and I was almost laughing the whole time, it was both obsurd and sickening but also very funny. The whole thing was just one big joke.
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