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Unbreakable is a wonderful movie, perhaps one of the best M. Night Shyamalan has made. Have you seen Glass? it was interesting.

Hmm most certainly a horror but nothing is coming instantly to mind, is it a slasher?
@IndecentLouie I did an oopsie. I managed to mix up Glass with Split. Split was for me a mediocre movie, but the antagonist did a great job portraying all those personalities. I would say unbreakable is his best movie. I also think he did a good job with Lady in the water.

The screenshot is from the slasher era of the '90s. This was the type of movie I would watch all the time with my buddies while getting stuffed on junk food. Some great memories from the 90's slashers:)
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James Mcavloy was the best thing about Split, but I agree the film itself was Mediocre. I haven't seen Lady in the Water but it's now added to my watchlist (a watchlist I now see is at 2,134 title!)

The 90's and 80's brought us some of the best slashers, with over the top deaths and gratuitous nudity that sadly we tend not to see as much today.

Is it perhaps one of the Friday the 13th's?
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That is correct @Rensje I do find it interesting how a lot of the slasher/horror movies gets a low rating when they are actually quite entertaining to watch. Movies like Candyman and Jeepers Creepers are insanely good, yet people seem to not praise them enough. Then again, IMDB as an example is pretty broken when it comes to the voting system.
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Jan 14, 2020
I'm always up for a good horror film, whether it be a slasher or a psychological thriller. The one thing I can't stand is pure torture porn. That's not horror, it's fetishism. And I can't think of a single film in that genre that's actually any good. The original Saw, maybe, but it wasn't all that gruesome.

Anyway, speaking of gruesome:

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Quite true @Frindis, I forget the movie I recently looked up but it was good and the score was something like 3 or 4 stars and the majority of the votes was 7-10 stars with a small amount being 1-3. A rating which could seriously damage the chance of other people watching.

I dont see an image @Rensje was it perhaps removed from wherever you shared it?
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