Quiz: Name that movie

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Jan 22, 2020
I'm somewhat surprised that this one's still going, I thought it was a bit of a cult hit. I'll start adding hints periodically so as to keep things moving.

First hint, it came out in 2003 and has two sequels.
@Mazer i'm really lacking on my Martial Arts films knowledge, I'm going to have a Martial Arts film weekend soon. Would you say Ong Bak is worth a watch?
and that's easy @Frindis, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.
I remember getting hold of the DVD when I was around 10 and it probably shaped some of my more messed up adult humour.

In a strange turn of events these two friends bond over Martial Art movies
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I could give another screenshot or hint but I think if anyone has seen the movie it'll be easily guessed by the screenshot so I'm just going to say what It is and pass the torch to you @Frindis :)
It's a movie called Paddleton and it's on netflix, it's a heartfelt Comedy about two neighbors journey after one get's diagnosed with cancer. I know it's a bit of a depressing subject but it's really good film.
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One of the titles for the movie (the one I know) is The Hole. The concept of the movie is good, but if I remember correctly the ending of the movie was a bit weird. Perhaps I was too tired when I watched it.

One of my favorite Christmas movies would have to be Gremlins. Krampus is also really good and of course Scrooge. I like the 1951 version the most. Groundhog Day is also another one, even if it is not set at Christmas. It just got that Christmas feel to it. We got a Christmas movie thread going on, so perhaps you guys also can share/get some tips there for future movies to see this Holliday.
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