Quiz: Name that movie

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@Ransje you're like a psychic! quite the coincidence I watched this movie for the first time last night and just finished suggesting it to someone right before I opened the forum.
It's Bone Tomahawk! a movie that how now snuck it's way into my top favourite movies of all time.
@Frindis @Zloth you two need to watch this movie as soon as you can to avoid any spoilers, it was so damn good!
That scene was wonderful! certainly not for "the faint of heart" I knew something brutal happened at the end of the movie but certainly not as much as what actually happened.

Also I was curious where your profile picture was from @Frindis and after watching the recent RLM TOP 10 star trek TNG episodes I saw it.
Not as Freudian as implied!
Mother issues, mother ussues, that pen is quite phallic!

The channel I linked are a decent youtube channel with high quality videos, it's the only reason why i've watched their videos for as long as I have.
A running joke through their various videos is Mike (the other guy) constantly making Star Trek references and it's nice seeing Mike and Rich finaly get to talk about it.
In fact their high praise for star trek was what persuaded me to watch the show to which I'm really happy I did.
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Nov 5, 2020
@enigmachine Feel free to post a new screenshot;)

Ok. This shouldn't be too hard, unless you only watch Marvel movies.