Quiz: Name that movie

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even looking at GIFS of this make me laugh, It's a film that certainly divides people but as far as i'm concerned you have to know the film is just one big joke that you have to want to be a part of to enjoy.
yep! I love it, i find the movie really charming. Everytime I watch it it feels like having a hug from your best friend after a rough day.
Like I don't think I have a single issue with the movie, I attempted to watch the remake recently (think it was called bloodlines) and it was awful. They turned Bub the zombie into a creepy pervert.
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Jan 22, 2020
I know it but my difficulty posting images means I'm reluctant.

****** it, it's Peter Jackson's Braindead. That's him emptying a severed head with a spoon in the first screen.
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