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Jan 31, 2021
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So i had a small problem that became a big one, so one day when i went to turn on my pc it didn't turn on, i unpluged and pluged my cabels and it turned on, then it started to be more hard to turn on as it required to un plug all the cables a few time, later it became worst as i had to wait 2 days in particular to turn it on.

At the time when i got the pc it didn't have a cmos battery but it runned normaly i just had to pres f1 tl boot up.
troubleshooting methods i tryed doing are:
-pluging in the psu cable in to a diffrent outlet
-repluging all the components
-cleaning the psu and the psu fan
-putting a new cmos battery (i did that yesterday)

The pc is an older oneonly used for school work,youtube and few games

Also when the pc is restarted it the display goes black


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Jan 17, 2020
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This very much sounds like a PSU issue. If possible try using a PSU tester on it or another PSU if you have one that meets your wattage requirements. If your PSU is good and this issue is still happening, it may be a broken connection on your motherboard. If you haven't already, purchase a cmos battery. All the ones I have encountered that I can think of were CR2032 batteries and can be purchased pretty much anywhere.
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