pc wont shutdown after playing satisfactory

After playing satisfactory i have problems shutting my pc down , i wait for the cloud save sequence to finish , i use task manager to check steam is not running , there is nothing running in the background.

I don't like to keep using the force restart button on my cooolermaster haf x tower so i have taken to doing a proper restart from the windows logo after using the game i then wait a few minutes and then shut down as i want it to shut down.

Just wondering if i should turn off cloud saves because the game does make duplicate saves on the pc so if i turn cloud saves of i should be able to carry on using it without a problem
Jan 14, 2020
You need to search your motherboard and ‘firmware updates’, and you should be able to find the manufacturer’s website with all firmware and BIOS na chipset update download. I haven’t done it in a very long time, but for my GIGABYTE AORUS GAMING WI-FI 5 from 2018, the website had instructions on how to update all software for the mobo.
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