Question PC won’t turn on

Jan 14, 2022
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I just finished building a pc and i have a problem. The pc won’t turn on from the power button or jumping it with a screwdriver. It only turns on when i flash the bios and it still won’t turn off unless i switch off the power on the psu. I don’t know what the problem is and would appreciate any help.

ryzen 5 5600g
msi b550 gaming plus
gskill aegis 2X8
seagate barracuda 2tb
corsair cx650m
phanteks p300 case
Check the wiring from the power button to the motherboard. Those fiddly little cables with their fiddly little connectors going onto fiddly little contacts can be a real… well, fiddly experience :D

I realize the failure of jumping it with a screwdriver indicates that's not the problem, but it's an easy check to do. There's a good chance another of the fiddlies is connected to the power contact, and the power cable is connected to something else—maybe that bad combo is messing things up.


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