Question PC unstable with new monitor

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Nov 30, 2022
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Bad pc performance with new monitor

Just got a new monitor, LG34GP950. It’s my first ultrawide and was expecting an fps drop of around 15 fps when I switched from a 1440p AOC 32 inch 16:9 display. However, when playing Warzone I now get about 60-70fps (got ~140 before) and on RDR2 I can’t even maintain 60fps. The games occasionally freeze aswell, and lowering the graphical settings doesn’t seem to make a difference, neither do changing the resolution back to 2560x1440. I’ve even tried playing on my 65’ 4k tv where I get better performance than on my new LG monitor..

I have tried doing a clean install of my GPU drivers, did windows updates but the issue persist. Am using the DP cable that came with the box (it’s plugged into the GPU correctly). Please help.

CPU: i7-12700k
GPU: Rtx 3080 TI
MOBO: MSI ddr4 Mortar
Ram: hyperX 16GB
SSD: Samsung evo 1TB
Not open for further replies.