Question pc random reboot

Jun 5, 2022
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hi for 2 years pc randomly shut down for no reason
sometimes in game sometimes just on desktop or some just in bios it is really random sometimes it runs fine for a week others times restarts it 10 times a day without blue screen just turn out and restarts itself i have

tried extra power supply but does the same I have already tried 2 defriend memory it also restart t has failed in standard mode so on 3600 MHz CPU it cuts out and on
5ghz it does not matter
I really don't know what to do anymore
pc does not get hotter than 60c

version windows is Windows 10 Pro

sorry for my broken English not my native

the pc spec are
power psu its AX1600i Digital 1600 watt

ASUS maximus formula 12
64gb ddr4 skill 3600mhz
3090 water cooled
4x 16tb 7200hd
1 ssd 850 evo 500gb
1 ssd 840 evo 250gb
1 ssd 850 evo m.2 500gb
1ssd 970 evo plus 500gb
1ssd 970 evo 1tb
1 ssd 860 evo 1 tb
1 ssd 860 evo 2 tb
4x 3TB WD Digital 5200
2x 8tb Seagate
1 1tb Samsung
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