Our quirks, rituals and other odd habits

OsaX Nymloth

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Jan 29, 2020
Admit it - you have at least one slightly odd habit when gaming. Or maybe you have a whole ball of oddities and curiosities that would make others accuse of of witchery? Don't wait for the Inquisition to find you first - spill it out now! ;)

I for example, whenever I am preparing for some gaming session I will need to make sure my doors are closed, light is turned off and any nasty sunlight blocked by any means necessary. Then I will do it - I will wash my hands. And just then I am ready.
Seriously I hate the feeling of "dirty" keyboard or sweaty mouse and as I tend to oversweat for no apparent reason, my visits to bathroom to just clean my hands again are happening quite often.

Sometimes I will even cover my mouse with a clean cloth or something if I am especially annoyed by myself. Doesn't help with aiming etc., but makes me feel like StarCraft II progamer Gumiho who used to play like this:

Amazing, right?

Other than that, slight adjustment of mouse/keyboard is pretty normal, right? No, I am not like Flash who needs a damn ruler to make sure his stuff is adjusted just right.

What quirks do you have? I really hope no one is summoning angry smelly goblins while dancing to norwegian orthodox black metal before every gaming session.

(this thread is presented to you by the awful mess that is my mind)

Inspireless Llama

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Dec 20, 2019
I'm fairly sure there has been a topic of this already, but that went about ingame quicks so I'm thinking of any IRL ones I have. I'm not sure I have any, except that I don't like gaming (or sitting at all) in wide spaces. So when gaming, I have a gaming chair, I tend to put the armrests to the smallest, and usually lean against the closet that's right next to my desk. Unfortunately I'm not athletic enough to actually put my legs into my chair or I would have.

Sometimes I tend to just find a teddy and put it next to me so I have something soft somewhere :blush:

Also, some games I cannot play without doing something else. Alot of the time I'm playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, I am watching a movie at the same time. Not because I find the game that boring, but more because if I try to focus on one of the other, I just can't keep focussed. Same with Cities: Skylines, I tend to watch a movie at the same time. Talking about ETS2 and ingame, I want rain and I want to drive in the dark, that's about the most relaxing combo I've ever found in a game.
Jan 13, 2020
I'm a slouch. I slide way low in my chair and lean far back and prop my feet up on my subwoofer. I drag my keyboard and mouse as far to the edge of the table as much as I can. Might be the main reason I prefer to play games with a controller.
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Jan 14, 2020
No "out of game" quirks here except washing my hands after eating something before I touch my keyboard and mouse again. But I guess that's pretty normal. :)


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