Nvidia being stupid and insensitive...

People are desperate for decent GPU's they can afford, and the last two they've released are the 3050, which based on previous xx50's isn't worth having, and now the 3090 Ti, which most people can't afford. Where's the card for the average person, all the people so desperate for a new GPU that will both play games and fit their budgets? So glad I'm not in the market for an upgrade.
I agree that releasing these cards are dumb, nividia could be using the resources to make these cards to increases stock of what they already have, a lot of gamers would agree, but Nvidia is as Capitalistic as they come. They KNOW that both those cards will sell, there will always be someone to buy this stuff and Nvidia is never going to back away from it.
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if it was a normal market, people wouldn't be happy to pay the prices. Supply/demand would mean reducing prices could actually give more profit.

True that price/volume has a tipping point, but I'm not 100% convinced until crypto is not a factor this isnt just going to be the new normal. They'll keep getting sold LHR or no.

Cant find figures for total sales numbers from 2019, but they increased 40% year on year from last year. Be interesting to see total numbers for 2019 or 2018 before the silicon supply issues. Are they selling more cards than ever at double the price?
Just make sure you sell the NFT before the end of the month and you're golden.

3090Ti/3090/3080ti/3080 are same 102 die I think. Everything below that is 104 atm, its a choice they've made to spend money on manufacturing top end parts. I imagine the margins on those are the biggest and theyre flying of the shelves, why waste limited capacity on lower end parts that dont make as much money.

The 2060 12GB is on an older different process that theres probably more space for at the factories. They can throw a 600USD bone to those of us at the 'mid/low' end who are desperate.
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i just googled the estimated price of the rtx 3090 Ti , around £2,000/$2000.

When i had my custom built rig made 6 years ago i had a gtx 1080 put in it , it had only just come out and the card alone cost £800.

But in the case of cards like the new RTX 3090 Ti and other like it , i believe that this is the reason why a lot of gamers have problems , devs use gear to design games that most of us will never be able to afford.
Every time mention of a GPU is made across the forums, my brain goes into narration mode;
/we have upon us, a dark time in the history of our chapter, may the might of the Emperor and his glory bathe us, to cleanse this heresy from the pages of this horrid chapter/


My hunt for a new build continues...the GPU - shall be purchased in late 2025.
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