No one asked for this!

I've been seeing this at an alarming rate nowadays. I don't really understand it either. A few very recent examples were on the forums about a RGB powersupply from coolermaster which honestly looked really cool. If i had not bought one already i would of been all over this thing. A low glow from my PS at the bottom of the case glowing in purple reflecting off my White motherboard and vid card. that purple glow would of been so soothing. :)

Another was a game called "Kathy Rain", is getting a directors cut. It's a little indy company that released the game back in 2016, but it was a little indy company's first game, they have since made another and decided to revisit the first adding some updates, expanding the story, adding better support. Over all it seams to me like they see their first game as something they could improve after their second project and wanting to make it better for the future buyers. People were actually angry, putting down the devs for wanting to do this saying things like No one asked for this, no one wants this, you expect me to buy your game again?

a third, the trenchcoat for 1500 dollars. I forget the game. I did see the coat and ehh it's a coat, but seeing people can spend 2-3 grand on a purse or a pair of shoes. hell i see sneakers for 500 or more. I'm not into this kinda thing, but if someone wants to buy it well that's on them. I just spent 200 dollars on a board game with figures to paint. And yes that item had a ton of the same.. who asked for this, why are you trying to rip off people ect..

Granted this is just a small taste of this sorta thing, but i see it all the time and i don't get it. So my question is, what do you think the issue is? Why do folks get so worked up over something that they don't want? It seams like every single item posted on PC gamer site has this same response or something very similar. So what gives?
It took me several minutes to understand what this thread was actually about.

I have no idea why people would be angry about such niche products. I get being angry about overpriced products that have all sorts of ethical concerns, such as "natural" diamonds, but to rage against a trenchcoat that maybe a dozen people will ever buy seems like a waste of energy.

I suppose the anger towards the director's cut could be because the players who bought the game felt like the new content should be free for them. Like how some DLC seems to have been cut from the game to be sold at extra price.
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