Are games companies running out of ideas

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Jan 13, 2024
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I think it's more that major developers can't tell a good story, anymore.

If you take a trip back to 1999, and play Deus Ex, one of the things you might notice is how drastically different game's stories were, back then.

Deus Ex features a story in which the illuminati is unleashing a plague on the population, and that a secret-sect within the illuminati called Majestic 12 was trying to take over all the world's governments.

No story like that can be told in games, today. Nothing that parallels reality in an interesting way, and nothing that would make a player contemplate the human condition. Games now are vehicles of propaganda for organizations which unleash plagues on the population and want to delegitimize and take over all the world's governments, totally destroying national and personal sovereignty with destructive, backwards racism policies meant to dissolve a population's ability to oppose their agendas.

Maybe Deus Ex was a warning.
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Why would an AAA studio with many shareholders try to make a game with great ideas when people pay top dollar for much worse content? If something works, why fix it, right? Thankfully not every company thinks like that, some do care about us having a good experience, like Larian Studios, which is a company that shows respect to their player base while also selling 10+ million copies netting them a very decent profit. That said, Larian Studios is also more private as they have only one shareholder Tencent owning 30% as a preference share with no voting rights.
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Nerogunhero said and i quote
" I agree game companies are running out of ideas and a lot of games aren’t very unique or original overall. Every now and then you get something fresh and new, for me the most recent example is Balatro, but most of the times it’s just a different spin on an already existing formula."


A quick update for you guys .... over the past couple of days i have been looking for a new game that will keep my attention for a long time.

During the past week i have seen at least 6 Valheim clones and by the time you read this their may be more.
For legal reasons i will not name them so that i dont get into trouble.


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