Question need help with old game!

Dec 21, 2023
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(sorry for the way i type too lazy to capitalize) hi, so i decided to revisit a 2011 pc game and it opens just fine on rar but it keeps coming up with "your machine flash player version is too low, please update the flash player first" but flash doesnt exist anymore so i have no idea what to do, also tried extracting it and turning it into a swf but i couldn't find a viable way to turn an exe game into a swf.
any help would be appreciated! also not sure if this is the right place but i dont trust reddit lol.
Welcome to the forum :)

It doesn't look like anyone knowledgeable knows about this, so my limited experience with the fate of Flash games is that we had to hope someone remade them in HTML5 and/or JavaScript.

You might find better info at specialist places like Armor Games—I visited a few months back and their forums looked alive. They were planning to make some Flash games work with the Ruffle emulator, dunno if that went thru.

If you get a solution, we'd really appreciate if you posted back here :)


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