My computer freezes randomly

Nov 27, 2022
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In the summer I bought a new computer and in almost every game I play it freezes but for a very short time. Finally i noticed that during its freeze most of the time the graphics card works stable but sometimes it goes to 50% or less

i7 12700k
rtx 3060 gaming x12gb
Corsair power supply 850w atx 24 pin RM850x
Kingston Fury Beast 16gb ddr5 6000 mhz (16 x 1 no 8 x2)
Asus socket 1700 prime z690-p
Samsung 500gb 870 Evo mz-77e500b
cooler : MSI MAG CoreLiquid C240
hdd : i have two toshiba 1tb each

also i have windows 11
and i have test games in ssd and hdd