Looking for Maze game from 90s

Aug 14, 2022
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I am a little bit late but I hope I can still get some ideas. I am looking for a maze game. I thought it also has the same walls than the ones from the screensaver of Windows 95. No I don't mean the one that came out 20 years after Windows 95. It is really that old. It not only had this dark red bricks with white around. It also had more futuristic walls. with doors open like on a spaceship or so (half opens up, half down). In this areas we had white robots. Sometimes there were vases staying on the ground. I unfortunately cant remember really much anymore. Every now and then it tortures my mind and I search the whole internet for hours with no result.
I often find that old games look completely different than I remember them. It's like my brain has remastered them over time.
Yeah, me too. Hover! looks like garbage now, but I thought it was amazing back in the day. But part of it is that the video is majorly compressed.

Did it really? I don't recall… which of course means nothing.
I'm not sure if it came installed with OEMs, but it was included in the CD-ROM version of Windows 95, along with Weezer's video for Buddy Holly. I bought my old Packard Bell right before Win95 came out, and about a month later, I got the upgrade CD-ROM for free.