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Mar 9, 2022
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okay so guys im looking for a game that i be like the president for that country and control economy taxes electricity water defending the country army stuff all those stuff yk so if anyone knows a game that it's like this lmk
A quick search lead me to Executive Command, and I Am Your President.

Executive Command trailer

I Am Your President trailer

Executive Command is a bit older game with simple graphics that looks to be a sort of civics lesson for kids, while I Am Your President is more modern with more realistic graphics, but seems a bit tongue in cheek.


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If we're speaking about a game set in modern times, Super Power 2 might be a good shot:

The game has its flaws, but it's the only geopolitical game in modern times I know about. There are some other games in which you can be a politician, but it's not that complex as SP2.
Simcity has no military side to it. Tropico is closer. but there isn't a lot of military in it either. Mostly rebels and trade related.

I think problem is many games favor one thing over another, and until we know what balance of city building vs other it is op wants, I can't really suggest anything.

Star Citizen? As technically we don't know what that game will include in it if its ever released :D
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