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As a big Deus Ex franchise fan, this news is saddening but hardly surprising. Eidos seemed to want nothing to do with Deus Ex anymore. The last game was half-baked, and the ending was perhaps one of the worst I’ve ever experience in terms of how it ended so abruptly. Without spoiling the story, the final mission is setting you up for a big finale but it just ends and credits roll. Quite disappointing as a fan of the Adam Jensen era of Deus Ex games.

When that game came out, to me it felt like Eidos was done with the franchise. They left the last game on a cliffhanger so there was always hope for a trilogy, but the sales and fan base just wasn’t there. I recommend to check out Hbomberguy’s video on Deus Ex, it’s very lengthy but a great watch on how they took one of PC gaming’s most venerable games and made it into a generic console cover shooter. I still love the games, wanted to see the trilogy end, but it seems that is no more.

Now, for a brand new Deus Ex game to take place in a different part of the world with different character would have been interesting. I think the DE world has lots of lore and world building to utilize for a great game, but who would want to make such a game in today’s industry?


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