Hp Omen 2023 17,3” vs Lenovo i7 gen 8

Mar 13, 2023
Hi, I'm planning to buy a new laptop and which one would you choose? Hp Omena 2023 17.3" with rtx4090 i9 2tb ssd and 32gb ram or Lenovo i7 gen8 with rtx 4080 12gb i9 1tb 16gb ram. The price is the same.(around 3350 $ with my student discount here in Sweden). Some people told me that Hp has weak cooling. It’s that true?
Thanks! 🙏🏻
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I bought an HP Omen 17 inch just a few months ago and I love it. Never have a problem with cooling at all. It's a great built laptop. Unfortunately, I've never used a Lenovo, so I can't make a comparison for you, but I have no problems recommending the HP Omen. Plus, you are getting a ton more on the HP: a better GPU, more RAM, a larger SSD. It's really a no-brainer.
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