How to post images using Imgur

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go here -
you might need to set up a user.

click on New Post which will display next screen where you can select image(s) - hold Ctrl while selecting images in explorer to get multiple

Once uploaded, images will show on the next page

right clicking an image (once its shown its completely uploaded - shows a green label when it does) and choosing open in new tab gives access to the jpg image
to insert this into a post, see instructions below for direct link

To see older uploaded photo, click on username and choose images, will show bottom page or similar

if you click any image on this page it shows as below:


if you click the Image link button on this page above, and then copy paste the link into the Insert, media option in photo below,

it will show as:
if you click it, it opens in imgur

whereas if you copy the Direct link and then use the insert image option, it appears as

if you click it, it opens a bigger picture on another page of forums, and you can use an option at top to go to imgur, make it full screen, save a copy or close image.

The advantage to using the jpg is it can be resized

once its in the thread you can highlight the image

squares will appear on corners allowing you to resize image

If you just copy/paste an image into text block, it will use the Gallery view (1st image)
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