Question Help Me Figure What Game Title Is

Jul 10, 2023
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I played this game once I was a kid. So I can't recall much.

And, here some characteristic of the game:
  • PC game
  • Isometric / up-down view
  • Similar to nightstone and seal of evil
  • In first town, there is a fountain, we can restore hp there
  • You need to enter portal to hunt for enemies
  • As I remember, there are male and female character, we use them together
  • Man using sword, woman using bow
  • In equipment menu, we can see actual preview when using or not using an armor and weapon
  • Unequipping an armor will make the character only using underp*nts and br* for women (sorry but it is not nsfw game)
  • We fight some kind of monster or maybe ghost if I recall... something like ayakashi.
  • We can learn magic there
Sorry if it is still clueless for you guys. :(
I hope someone can help me. Thank you so much!


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