Solved Trying to Figure What Game Title Is

Jun 22, 2021

I keep thinking of a game I have searched online for the title by many means but no avail. Figure I post this one and see if it makes a spark.

> It is a game from the early gaming days of 1990s.
>> At that time I had a Tandy and later a Compaq. So was played on PC with CD media. Maybe floppies. I think I played this game between 1993-1998.
>> At the time I was playing DOS and Window$ v3 compatible games.

> I can not remember what the gameplay is like: top down, first person, point/click, etc.
>> However, you had to make choices for certain things to play out. Game's story and outcomes were not linear.

> Taking place in early Europe. Possibly London. For sure old Victorian style.

> Probably 19th century.

> I know it had full motion video.
>> The only scene I can remember from memory is guy seeing his sick (from being bitten by a vampire but he did not know) girlfriend or finance (I remember this as them getting ready for their upcoming wedding) running up to him as he is walking the city streets, and he is confused to see her (as she was supposed to be in bed). She then hugs him, grows out her fangs, and goes all vampire on his neck.

> I can not recall if there were other monsters, or if this was strictly vampires.

Does this strike a cord with anyone reading this?

Thank you.
Jun 22, 2021
I seen the first two a dozen times over the years online. Usually anything with Wikipedia are top results in most searches. Usually do use it as a base for searching as well.
I not seen the third before, FMV. I will have to check every single one of those titles, except the obvious ones I know for sure are not it.
Will look it over and I shall reply back sometime. Seems that will take awhile to do.
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Jun 22, 2021
See, that is what I needed. A fresh perspective, new sites to try.

I have tried hundreds of sites over the years, opening hundreds of links to read. Figure with vampires I look up all types of those games, but can only go through so many before cracking.

You providing, a site I not seen in my searches ever, showed me list of way too many before my ADHD went overboard. So many games I have seen before and know was not what I was looking for. Then I clicked some game's year and took me to a list of games by year. Okay, this may be easier, I thinks to myself. I used my Firefox Snaplinks and opened all for 1985-1994, to start. Closed all tabs that I knew was not the game and after awhile, I stopped at one possible promising one: Dracula Unleased

So the title is an obvious vampire story. Images (which is something great with this website) look like high potentials. Premise: "Unmask Dracula before time runs out for Alexander and his fiancee, Anisette. If you're clever, you could prevent many grisly deaths. Or not." So, a dude and a fiancee. Fits the memory. Is a point and click game, so was not sure if this was it.

Being the promising candidate. I found a copy of the game on an old site. Took some hours to extra the files from CD format, used DOSBox on those files, and after some tweaking got the game running. Played a few minutes. Okay okay, I think this is bringing back memories. Some elements seem familiar, but I could have also played this game with countless other back then. Still, was getting a kind of good feeling. Then the unexpected, and not sure how it happened. I made an exit from a house, and a video scene started (they all typically just start when I enter a place, not leave), and there it is, the scene stuck in my head for thirty years. Alexander sees his fiancee, Anisette, walking towards him, he takes off his coat to keep her warm from the cold, London night air. And then, she grew them fangs and chowed down on him.

This is the game! Will now finally add this to my collection and play it.

Brian, you got it. All I needed was you. :) Thank you. You sending me to that site finally helped me solve this long mystery.

Now, onto the next game I am trying to find...


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