Grand theft Auto:The Trilogy-Definitive edition

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Nov 2, 2021
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How do yall feel about the remastered Grand Theft Auto Trilogy?

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I will probably get it on Switch, but am waiting for reviews. It doesn't really interest me on other platforms as I've completed Vice City & GTA3 on PC. I have played San Andreas but not to the end. It is a bit sad that the moddable originals are being replaced, but I'm not huge into the modding scene so it won't directly affect me.
Beberapa orang tidak berhenti memainkan GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition mengingat ini adalah semacam nostalgia tersendiri. Tetapi yang lain melaporkan tanda-tanda di kota, poster, hingga tanda-tanda yang menurut mereka tampak seperti perbaikan game yang dilakukan oleh program otomatis, bukan manusia.

Dikutip dari PC Gamer, sebuah restoran Meksiko di GTA San Andreas kini menjual "Enchilaoas" bukan Enchilada. Bengkel mobil juga menawarkan "Bearbox" sebagai ganti Gearbox.
Some people don't stop playing GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition considering it's a kind of nostalgia in itself. But others report signs in cities, posters, to signs that they think look like game fixes carried out by automated programs, not humans.

Quoted from PC Gamer, a Mexican restaurant in GTA San Andreas is now selling "Enchilaoas" instead of Enchiladas. Auto repair shops also offer "Bearboxes" instead of Gearboxes.

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they need to remove it from sale and release version based on the PC or PLaystation versions, not mobile versions that run bad on all hardware which shows how badly its coded. 20 year old game should run perfect on any current hardware

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