Do I need a new CPU?

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Oct 2, 2022
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Few months ago I had switched to an SSD from an HDD (huge performance upgrade) due to me constantly getting insanely poor performance on my PC, loading anything or booting windows. This is now fixed due to the SSD, however I'm now experiencing 100% CPU usage running any game. I'm not a super tech savvy person but I'm pretty sure this isn't normal. Also, I don't get insane lag if I'm running on a locked 60 fps or if I lock the fps to anything under 90fps but if I want to use my 144hz monitor I get constant unstable FPS if I cap to 144 or uncap to unlimited fps.

Would I have to upgrade my CPU? (Maybe GPU?) Or if you have any recommendations or questions please feel free to let me know or ask
My PC specs:
GPU - GTX 1080
CPU - i5 8600k @3.60Ghz
Board: ASRock Z370 K6
Memory: M.2 SSD 2TB(Windows installed) /1TB HHD

Pic of task manager & game
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