GPU error

Feb 4, 2021
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sr for posting this again...
Win7 32bit
gtx 650
>turn pc on
>gpu running but driver dont
>check device manager
>yellow exclamation mark in display adapter icon
>reset pc> pc work fine (driver work)
Will it damage my pc? How to fix?
Hi, Its always worth refreshing your driver installation. Sometimes software can get corrupted over time. Unless its a hardware issue, which it could, be it wont damage anything. If it is a hardware issue well, then it's a sign of damage already done.

You'd need to find the latest driver that supports your card. It looks like your GTX 650 was supported up to 2019 so you'd need to find the last driver that will work with your card and download it direct from Nvidia here.

You can follow the instructions here to do a clean install and see if it helps with your problem. No need to worry about the BIOS update part for now though IMO.

Hopefully that helps. :)
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