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Apr 12, 2023
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Hi! I'm having a strange issue. Maybe it's not super strange, but I've never dealt with something like this before in my 15+ years of PC gaming.
Every game I play lately is just way too sharp and grainy...I've been calling it crispy. It's most obvious on blades of grass, like in Hogwarts. Like I said though, it's the same in every game I play, including Resi 4 Remake, The Last Of Us, Cyberpunk, God of War, etc.
While trying to take the screenshots, though, I did notice something that will probably help someone give me a super easy answer. The issue is only when the game window is focused! When I pressed the Windows key, making the game window unfocused, it looked perfect and wasn't too sharp, grainy, or crispy at all.
I do use Nvidia Control Panel for my RTX 4080 to mess with things sometimes, so maybe the issue lies in there. I don't use any other programs that may mess with graphical/video settings, other than maybe GeForce Experience to update my GPU.
Here's an imgur link showing what I'm talking about. I'm sorry these pics aren't screenshots, I tried doing that and didn't see any difference, so I had to take pics with my phone. View:


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