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I promised several weeks ago that I'll show my current mod setup for Fallout: New Vegas. Finally I have some time and energy to do it! :) Basically modding Obsidian's game is very similar to modding Fallout 3. The game is well-known for being unstable, but my current configuration eliminates almost all crashes. I had maybe one or two during 20 hours of gameplay. There's also a small problem with ENB. It's strange, but when you open the PipBoy the game switches itself to interior lighting even when you're outside. While the whole game looks dandy, the PipBoy case can be too bright when opening the thing in exterior locations. This is a small downside though and it doesn't interfere with operating the device efficiently.

Keep in mind NOT to use the version of FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting included in the Nevada ENB - Realism. It'll replace the sun with a ground texture after you enter and exit an interior location on newer hardware. Instead use the most recent version from a link below. Probably you'll also want to tweak the ENB .ini file as this ENB preset has a tendency to produce too much brightness in exterior areas during sunny day, too dark nights and too dark interiors in some locations. I've edited the following parameters in the enbseries.ini file:


If you don't want to mess with the ENB manually, feel free to download the modified .ini file from my OneDrive. After installing the ENB, you just need to copy the content of the .zip file to the main folder of the game.

Also the New Vegas Stutter Remover requires the same tweaks as the one from Fallout 3. Without them the game crashes once over a dozen of minutes or so. It's simple. You just need to open the mod .ini file and edit the two values listed below from 1 to 0:

bHookCriticalSections = 0
bHookLightCriticalSections = 0

So without further ado, here's the list of mods that I'm currently using:

NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash
Nevada ENB - Realism (uses the original ENB files)
New Vegas Stutter Remover (remember to edit the values!)
OneTweak for FNV
NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas (large version)
Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP
MGs Neat Clutter Retextures
HD Glass Impact Decals
Improved LOD Noise Texture
Hi-Res Chems and Health Re-Texture
PipBoy 3000 HD Retexture
Improved Robots Textures
UIO - User Interface Organizer
Fallout Character Overhaul
EVE - Essential Visual Enhancement
FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting
Interior Lighting Overhaul

And here's the list of load order and some screenshots:












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Super job!

And you get to mess with INI files, now that's real RPG :D
Bookmarking this in case I like FO4 and want another taste.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm starting to like messing with .ini files. ;) We'll see where it'll take me. :D Basically the game now looks great, but not everyone will like the skin tones of characters in exterior locations. They have a tendency to be quite pale which contrast with the game's desert setting. But apart from that and lack of modern shadow engine, it's all great. Who needs remasters? :p

The pale skin is of course ENB fault, so if you don't like it try a different preset or scrap the thing. With all the mods the game looks great even without ENB. I checked most of the available presets and none fully met my expectations. One was very close to the ENB that I used in Fallout 3. It looked good (Fallout 4 aesthetic), but I wanted something different, because Mojave deserves for something more unique.

I didn't like the very popular Rudy ENB. It was too dark (so was Dynamo ENB) and it didn't have the desert atmosphere, which I expect from New Vegas. At first I was impressed with the ENB of Apocalypse (check the video below), but something was not right with it when using the newest version of original ENB files. The sky was too bright and the distant terrain was extremely blurred. Maybe it's possible to solve the problems with .ini editing, but things were messed too badly in my opinion. So I decided to give Nevada ENB a shot and after using the most recent version of Realistic Wasteland Lighting and tweaking the .ini file, I was able to get a satisfying result. :)

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Looks awesome! I need to check out some of those mods and your mod config later, once I get done with the Honest Hearts DLC. I’ll post what mods I’m using when I get home. I actually just started it back up last night after not playing since January. I finally got a new desk so playing first person games on M+KB is actually possible for me now (my set up for the past 7 months has been weird).
One issue I am running into (no pun intended) is a Sprint Key mod I have installed. When I sprint through water, or sprint while swimming to swim faster, a loud deep bass noise fills my headphones. It gets annoying especially in Honest Hearts which has a lot of shallow water its valleys. I need to uninstall it to see if that’s the issue then maybe find a new Sprint mod, or perhaps an audio mod that changes the noise of footsteps in water? We’ll see later haha.