FPS—Far Cry 6 your playing experiences

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Epic Games has one of those sales which can include a 10 USD coupon
Those are great! First one, the XMas after Epic launched, I got a bunch of $60 games—AC Origins & Odyssey, 3 Tom Clancy's, 1-2 more—for $5 each, +$10… so say $40-45. The coupon was for any game $15 or more, and the games I got were all 75% off, iow $15!

like you were never there
Was this for all captures, or only some? I took 2 bases and 2 checkpoints in the starting island, with a lot of incoming harassment because I didn't zap the CO—others were fine tho.

You are really digging hard
Not at all, just playing ~12 hours, observing and reporting. I could be all wrong, remember "I'm still ignorant" :)

Brian's played 6 hours and hasn't left the starter island
Trial lasted longer than I expected, got ~12 hours in and some stuff on the main island.

I'm not the best person to discuss this
Agreed, a casual speed run would bore me to tears, and is the exact opposite of my leisurely rose-smelling stroll :)

the parkour gear set you get is pretty fun to use
Yeah, that was one of the play styles I was wondering about—probably not for me other than a try-out, since I prefer a slow approach.
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@Brian Boru The base capturing on the starter island worked like a charm, but it seemed like the further we went out the more these bugs started to happen. In the end, we were at tier 7-8 zones (8 being where Castillo is hiding) and nothing really worked at all. Since it worked capturing bases at the start but not as we ventured further into the zones, my guess is that the game did not really register us the right way which would explain why all the enemies were of low level and why Castillo never was in the HQ. We just went too far and the game did not understand that at all.
Expansion coming

I see "new expansion, Lost Between Worlds (coming soon)"

Are 3 DLCs of any value?

Looking at the Gold Edition at that link, on sale for $35 is slightly tempting. What it has:
"Gold Edition includes the game and season pass (3 new DLCs)"
"play from the perspective of Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed"
Also includes Blood Dragon.

1. What does "season pass" usually mean at Ubisoft? Would I lose the extras at the end of some season, or are they mine forever?

2a. I assume the 3 DLCs is the ability to play as the 3 characters mentioned—Vaas, Pagan, Joseph. Please confirm.

2b. If you've played the DLCs, do they add any value?

Thanks :)
So I ran into this last night…

…and seemed to be trapped in it. It apparently is some sort of DLC I've never heard of, and once you start it, you can't leave it—can't 'Abandon mission' to get back to where you were, can't fast travel out of it… couldn't anyway, since your map is gone, along with weapons.

One big problem is that it's on the map as just another mission, a treasure hunt on the NW coast, south of the oil platform in the NW corner. It did say "You can't leave until you help Lady" to which I said 'OK', not suspecting anything.

The other big problem is it's survival horror. Yep, a SH dungeon crawler mission in the middle of an open world stealth shooter. I don't like a chess problem plonked in the middle of my checkers game, how about you guys?

You can get out of it

After I quit in disgust—no recent saves available, of course—I read up a little on it. People reported no way to leave the mission, the only way was to start a new game.

Well happy news. When I fired it up again no and clicked 'Continue Game', I spawned out in the real map, ie outside the dungeon, and can continue my game. I hope this is universal, from some recent update maybe.

Any more surprises like this?

I don't want to be looking over my shoulder during every mission, so does anyone know if there are any more seriously off-genre missions like this? I'm talking base game, I don't have the DLCs I knew about, ie Vaas, Pagan, Joseph.
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