FPS—Far Cry 6 your playing experiences

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Far CryHours to beat
3 Blood Dragon
4 Primal14½
5 New Dawn11

So you're all set for linear consumption—but story is even worse than the gameplay in Pride & Prejudice ;)
yeah, playing fc for the story is like watching porn for the plot.

They have an equally impressive Libertad mod for 6 at Far Cry Modding.
had to read that word 3 times, coffee must have not kicked in yet, I thought to myself, why is there a left-wing mod for a game.... then read it's libertad :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
If you liked that, you must play 5—it's banter is streets ahead of 3's when you combine certain buddies :D
That was probably my single most favorite feature of Far Cry 5. Being able to choose two companions and have them actually have unique banter amongst themselves was seriously impressive and entertaining. Many times I’d be driving around with Hurk and Sharky in the backseat going off about the most random topics and it always gave me the biggest grin.
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Hurk and Sharky
Yeah, they're always a chuckle. I forget which combo but if I recall correctly, either Grace or Jess paired with one of those two boyos is also a laugh.

Adelaide is always good for some raunchy interaction—best combo of all is to bring her and Hurk to Drubman Ranch and just eavesdrop :D

PS I forgot I already made a thread about Far Cry Modding.


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