Financing Gaming Computer

Dec 3, 2023
I have looked at different sites that you can finance a computer. I want to finance a computer but I am always denied due to my lack of payment history and my low credit score. Is there a website I don't know about that can finance me a computer with my kind of credit?
Dec 3, 2023
You have to remember, PC custom build sites, sell a fraction of the amount of computers, than something else where it's easy to obtain a credit account, such as MOBILE PHONE or CABLE companies, as a person buys a PC maybe once every 5 years, and if you default on your bill, which you've done in the past, their margins are affected. With that said, they have to give credit accounts fairly, and if they give you an credit account, then they will be subjected for review for denying others with similar situations. That's what makes sense to me. Although, I would suggest You will spend less money on parts, and you pay an extra 130+ for them to build it for you. You can build something, to your budget, although again, it will be cost up front. Just you will save over other sites. I suggest you visit one of their locations, on site.
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Nov 13, 2023
Getting a computer on finance can be tricky with a low credit score. Some websites might be okay with that, but it's tough finding one sometimes. Maybe try checking out smaller local shops or stores. Sometimes they're more flexible with credit


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