dont use whispers of silence

I posted this in the steam discussion page of the game.

Things you need to fix
1. is it really necessary to put lables on everything , if somebody does not know what a door and a doorbell look like i think they will struggle in the real world. All you need to do is have the mouse pointer turn into a hard indicating you are looking at something that has a use.

2. walk is not smooth i move with a bounce in my step

3. my gtx 1080 hit 84 degrees

4. went back to game after posting the first 3 comments and all i got was LOADING , i waited for a very long time but nothing happened and i have to use " end process " in task manager to close the game.

5. when i was eventually able to get back into the game it started me outside the house again just as if i had not used it.

and this was their reply 3 days later


Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately, I don't have much time to invest in further improvements to this game. As a solo developer working on this in my free time alongside my full-time job as a backend developer, I'm still learning the ropes of game development. I understand that it's not well optimized for medium-powered PCs – optimization is a complex and expensive process that requires a significant time commitment.

I won't be updating this game anymore. I'm dedicating my free time to starting a new game project, taking all the lessons I learned from this first experience.

Thank you for giving my game a try! I appreciate your understanding.

My last comment was .....

before you start a new game you need to work out what went wrong on this one so you dont repeat your mistakes
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