Should I go with UWQHD on 4080?

May 6, 2024
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I'm totally new to ultrawide, and I have several questions. Is an RTX 4080/7800x3d more than enough for 3440x1440p with play games to ultra settings even with RT? Or should I stick with vanilla 1440p for performance?
CyberPunk on 3440x1440 with RTX 4080 sits around 80fps with PT, FG, DLSS. Isn’t it low?
I was at 2560x1440 27” but the new 3440x1440 monitor will be more demanding and I am affraid. The 4090 would bring me a lot of extra FPS compared to the 4080. I think that the 4090 is only GPU for 3440x1440 and high fps. The 4080 is for vanilla 1440p. I probably didn't make the right move switching to UWQHD with the 4080.
80 FPS on top settings in maybe the most demanding game in existence sounds pretty good to me. Personally about 80 is what I aim for in single player action games if I have to lower settings.

If its not good enough for you, and you (or whoever is paying) are not bothered about dropping thousands for a small improvement then sure a 4090 is a bit better than a 4080.
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