New PC not booting; DDR5 6000 kit

Jan 13, 2023
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hey everyone,

I got me some new hardware, build a nice new PC, I'm in seventh havean and than I press the power button... get nothing on the display.
So I can't go into the BIOS and can't boot the USB to install Windows 11.

My best guess is the DDR5 RAM, because my understanding is that I have to activate XMP on the mainboard, but I have to get to the BIOS first.
Second guess is that the display with the Displayport is not working.

My System:
GigaByte Z690 Aorus Pro
Seasonic Prime TX TX-750W
Intel Core i5-13600K
be quiet! Dark Rock 4 Pro
G.Skill Trident Z5 32GB Kit DDR5-6000
RTX 4070 Ti
be quiet! PURE BASE 500DX

What happens when I press the power button?
The system is getting startet, fans are going, mainboard is cycling through the boot sequence. Than there are some error numbers on the motherboard: 54 (Memory initialization error occured), 59 (CPU micro-code is not found or update failed), also C2, C4 at the end C1 ( all named as "reserved" in the manuel).

I hooked in the displyport display directly to the motherboard, also tried it directly to the graphics card. Eventually I tried plugin in the tv with HDMI to the graphics card... still nothing.

The system looks correctly wired, have both ATX power connectors connected for the CPU.

update: I followed toms gardware checklist, and removed one of the two RAM units, leaving just one in the A2 slot. Now the system is not rebooting, I get no fancy error numbers, just a 12 (reserved, in normal boot up). But still I get no output on any display, not via graphics card nor integrated CPU / GPU UNit on the motherboard...

Has anybody an idea why the system is not displaying BIOS? Any components not compatible with each other?

best regards and help very much appreciated,
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