Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed

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Jan 13, 2020
I bet this game will feel comfier to play during the encroaching Autumn season anyway, so no harm done. Many on r/cyberpunkgame were talking about the days they'd pre-emptively booked off work to play it. I feel for them trying to awkwardly explain the sudden change to their bosses.
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This is great news, actually! There were a whole massive pile of games that were (and still are) expected to come out in March. Having them all piled into one month was going to be exceptionally bad news for productivity. Not to mention the collective bank accounts of all gamers everywhere. This eases the intensity a bit, and if it's a more polished product, all the better!


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Dark City phears Midgard. ;)
Always nice when studios get the go ahead to polish the game for a cycle. Really good thing for everyone :)
After the game comes out, it's going to get even more polish. Being CDProjekt, it will even likely get some free DLC, too. If you're fine being forced to wait longer, why not voluntarily wait even longer yet for a game that's better and possibly cheaper, too??
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