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There's something to do, all right...

Beat that, @neogunhero! GOOD cars only, not the stinkers, and not the military stuff. Come to think of it, I still need to make one for the cycles.

So anyway, regarding the final boss...
Adam Smasher destroys me in a fair fight. It's not even close. He's far faster and shrugs off most hacks, too. I had Panam with me, but her damage was a joke. What's a sniping, stealthy netrunner to do?

Camo armor, that's what. Take a headshot (or a weak spot shot if one shows up), maybe take another quick shot, then hide from ranged attacks. When it comes in for melee, hit the camo button and go hide again. Fortunately, Adam can't heal. Instead, he just goes up to a ledge and waits. Stay in hiding and wait 50s for the camo to recycle, then take another shot. Repeat until you win.

When his friends show up, toss some cyberpsychosis out there. Oh, and be sure to get those turrets in the floor working for you. They don't do diddly damage to Adam, but he wastes time smashing them, allowing a few more shots.
I technically beat the game last night but chose the short ending kind of on accident, kind of on purpose, just to see what happens. I’ll explain more in a spoiler tag below.

I keep running into more and more stuff to do. I finally fished up Kerry’s storyline, which made me a bit emotional. When you first meet Kerry, he comes off as kind of a dick, my first impressions weren’t that great. I chose to still help him out and I’m really glad I did.

Kerry struggles with feeling inadequate. Although he is the founder and frontman of Samurai, he feels he owes so much to Johnny. In a way, Kerry feels his whole career was built under Johnny’s shadow, and he was never able to talk to Johnny and tell him how he really felt. When you explain the chip in your head, Kerry is excited he gets to talk with Johnny again, but keeps forgetting it’s via a proxy through V. He calls you at one point and asks for Johnny, you have to burst his bubble and tell him it’s just V. Kerry is really saddened by that, but he eventually understands what the situation is like.


As you go along his storyline, Kerry really starts to open up. He knows he built his whole career himself and doesn’t need to feel under the pressure of Johnny, and he slowly starts to understand that he is all he has and he is the only one to bring back the feeling of being a musician. He hasn’t wrote music in years, struggles each time when he tries to come up with a new tune, but realizes he needs to make a change.

After helping him confront Us Cracks, he uncovers that it was his labels’ wrongdoing for putting him in the situation he’s in. With that knowledge, he seeks revenge on his manager, and teams up with Us Cracks to promote their tour, which he would have never done prior to that knowledge. Here is when we start to see Kerry take his life into his own hands.


This leads into one of my favorite missions in the whole game, Boat Drinks. This is where Kerry really opens up on his feelings about his life, his career, and his future. At this moment is where I finally understood that Kerry is one of the best written characters in the whole game. He is flawed, has so many issues, but after you help him uncover answers to some of his biggest questions, you end up helping him change for the better.


Could not have asked for a more perfect mission to transition me into the final mission.

However, that wasn’t the case. Blue Moon from Us Cracks had one last job for me, help take down a stalker. So I did that, pretty nice side story, you even flirt with her a bit on text lol.

With all that done, I headed over to Embers to meet Hanako who has been waiting for me for the past ~60 hours of gameplay. I’ll talk about my choice.

After your talk with Hanako, waking up at Vik’s and talking with Misty, you end up on the balcony with Johnny. I was half curious about the option to toss the pills, not realizing it was another ending. V and Johnny have a very deep talk about what their lives mean, and how they can avoid the impending bloodshed. The way I interpreted it, V thinks this is the best option since it puts the least amount of people in harms way. Johnny doesn’t disagree, though he isn’t very encouraging either, but understands at the end of it all it is V’s choice to make. V seems contempt with taking his life, perhaps he feels this is his only option to get rid of the sickness that is the Relic. V and Johnny sit there, watching the skyline of Night City, as the camera pans out, you hear a gunshot. During the credits, Vik, Judy, Panam and Misty all call to give you one last message. This is just like when you call Jackie’s phone to leave him one last goodbye after he dies. Kerry was just talking about how life is full of loops and cycles prior to this mission. This was extremely emotional and I was NOT ready to hear how disappointed some of them were at me. If anything, this seems to be a great anti-suicide message. V thinks it’s his only option, that he is helping people by not being a burden anymore, helping them by not endangering them, but in reality he let all the people who cared about him down. They were all sad, disappointed, sometimes angry at V’s decision to take his own life. They say it shouldn’t have been an option to begin with. With that, the game ends, with no spectacular grand finale

EDIT: My spoiler wasn’t showing up in the post, redid it. Also, I am going to do at least one more ending, as great as that other one was, I still need to know how it actually plays out.
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I popped back into the game to try and record some songs and get my final stats. Also, I never looked at that big tower/antenna thing at North Oak. I got my stats easy enough, but it turns out I can't pick what record to play on the record player. The guitar at the Japantown apartment keeps stopping and asking you if you want to continue, too. Ugh. The antenna thing wasn't much but, while I was doing it, Blue Moon called up for that mission! How can anyone refuse a face like this?


So I popped over and did the mission - and it bugged out. I found the stalker and POOF! The stalker vanished!? I went to the stalker's new location, hit the camo armor to get a quick stealth knock-out... and got spotted!? How!? Fine, I'll use a netrunner hack. Then Blue Moon runs up... except she doesn't. My attack scared off a lot of the crowd and she got stuck in a mob! If I hadn't had the subtitles turned on, I would have only gotten half the conversation. Not a great way to finish the game.

Did you read up much on the Us Cracks? AI generated bands have taken over the industry. They're the first human band to make it big in several years. They're all actually from the USA. They sing and speak to fans with a Japanese accent but, when they talk to you, there's no accent at all.

Yipe!! Kerry was near suicide when you met him. His response must have been awful.

Try not answering at all for a minute or two. If certain choices were done just right, you'll get another, really dangerous option.

P.S. I heartily recommend getting some popcorn and watching all the endings on YouTube or whatever. Actually, you might need a pretty big tub of popcorn, there are a bunch of them.
P.S. I heartily recommend getting some popcorn and watching all the endings on YouTube or whatever. Actually, you might need a pretty big tub of popcorn, there are a bunch of them.
That’s exactly what I’ll do. I completed the game again with The Sun ending, which I liked a lot because of the final mission. I thought it wrapped things up nicely while leaving you with questions that may be the groundwork for the sequel.

As much as I’ve loved this game, I played it absolutely to shreds over the past 2 months. I have not played a single other game in that time, apart from checking a few demos out during Steam Next Fest. Amazing game, I may even write up a review in the future. As for now, I’m pretty burnt out on it, and I’m ready to move on. It’s only because I did it to myself haha.

I would absolutely consider this one of my favorite games of all time. Thanks for all the adventures CDPR❤️


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