Controller locked: COD cold war

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May 9, 2021
This is irritating.
I'm having the problem with xbox controller not working on PC when playing call of duty cold war.
I'm getting the controller locked return to main menu popup.
I've found sevral fixes online that are all the same and don't work
where you use x360ce 64 bit. Doesn't help anything
activision support told me to delete the cache and some blizzard file, which also didn't help.
I'm using my latest model controller connected to my laptop with a ASUS bt500 usb chip.
I'm not sure if the official xbox usb wireless adapter for windows 10 will help at all but I ordered a 2nd gen version which arrives soon.
I am using a play and charge kit for the old version of controller that best buy told me would work and it didn't
I had to order a usb type-c cable to charge it, and I'm not even sure if its actually charging anything.
I have also tried double AA batteries that came with the controller but I'm questioning if those are any god either.
I have ordered a correct official play and charge kit with type-c cable to see if that helps anything.
I have also already updated the controller firm ware which again helped with nothing.

Any suggestions? I'm getting pissed off.
I have already spent a lot of money to play cod cold war with a controller and this is unacceptable that it doesn't work.

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